Category: Saskatoon Music Community

Narrowing the Scope

Having time to sit with the idea of this project has afforded me the ability to come to realizations and resolutions to problems naturally rather than forcing them. I always saw this project in very specific terms: large format black and white portraits against a white backdrop. However, after compiling my list of those involved […]

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Saskatoon Bands

I began compiling lists of Saskatoon’s bands and individuals within the music community off the top of my head, augmented with a bit of digging, and already the list of bands is over 50 long, with  well over 100 individuals. It seems this list will only grow, as I remember more names and research further. […]

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Members of the Saskatoon Music Community

This project seems to grow every time I approach it. The question to be asked is how pervasive I will be with the documentation. Will I attempt to record on film every face of the present Saskatoon music community? Will I limit it by any means (ie: only bands at the touring level)? I began […]

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Saskatoon Music Community Ethnography

What began as a documentary portrait project has grown into a full-fledged ethnography of the Saskatoon music community. At first it was to be portraits, but interviewing my subjects seemed to be a natural and necessary progression. The focus will be on the individuals in the community and how they are interrelated, rather than the […]

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A Whiter Shade of Pale

I envision this project in black and white; detailed expressions captured of these beautiful people, against a non-distracting yet crisp white backdrop. I can’t help but beg the question, is it too Richard Avedon? While speaking to a prof I greatly respect and consider a mentor, I expressed this concern. Her suggestion was to try […]

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Portrait Project: Prairie Folk

Saskatoon’s music community is one of the strongest communities I have ever known. The characters come and go but almost always return, drawn back to the prairies like moths to a flame. Their faces are some of the most beautiful I have ever encountered: full of spunk and fortitude; etched with trials and hope. I’ve […]

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