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Love & Compassion

Last wednesday his Holiness, the Dalai Lama gave a talk here in Montreal about global citizenship through universal responsibility. He put it to the youth that we need to be the ones to create change, and it has to begin within each and every one of us with compassion; change will not come from the […]

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Music for the Modern Empowered Slut

In honour of International Women’s Day, here are some songs sung by some exceptionally bold and self-aware women that feature a mindset typically associated with masculinity. Wherever you fall on the continuums of monogamy to polyamory; homosexual to heterosexual; masculine to feminine, let yourself be open and accepting to the positions that others take on […]

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I have two simple rules when it comes to covers: it must be different or it must be better. Why redo a classic if only to hear it done by you? They have a word for that, and it’s “narcissistic.” These musicians know better, and have provided some pretty unique takes on others’ songs.

 Listen […]

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Love Mixxx

Love was in the air last week as stores displayed their most romantic, erotic, or red-coloured merchandise in honour of Valentine’s Day sales. Skip the monetary exchange and make something for your loved one, like, say, a mixtape. Here’s an example to get your creative juices flowing. Listen here SIDE A: (Honeymoon phase) 1.“I Bet […]

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Wait for It

Ever wonder why your friend could possibly like the song they’re showing you in earnest enthusiasm? Then, as you start to ponder the necessity of said friendship, the song breaks out and FUCKING KILLS IT!?!? This mix is dedicated to songs that lead with the left and then BLAMO K.O. with the right. They’re sneaky […]

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Tight Tracks of 2010

This year of the tiger showed no lack of ferocity in its album releases. From Arcade Fire to Eminem to The Black Keys – even Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers were busy. Featured here is a list of some personal favourites from a solid year. Ready, set, reminisce! Listen here SIDE A 1. “Dance Yrself […]

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Morning Music

As darkness creeps into our morning routines ever so gradually, day by day as we lead into the solstice, it becomes more and more difficult to drag our asses out of bed. A little music never hurt any situation, and certainly not this one. Start your day off right with a little help from your […]

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Pop Montreal Taster

Get to know a few of the artists that will be gracing stages around town this week; from fancy concert halls to dingy bars. Arranged by Cora Ballou and Shannon H. Myers Listen here SIDE A: Locals 1. “h8 chrymes” – Mavo – Unreleased, 2010 2. “Surfing in Tofino” – Planet Smashers – Life of the […]

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Slow Jams

Sometimes less is more, and a song doesn’t have to be fast to be powerful. Here’s a collection of my personal favourite slow jams, in order by tempo. Press play, lay back, and feel the groove. Listen here SIDE A: 1. “Blind” – TV on the Radio –Young Liars EP, 2003 2. “Complaint Department” – […]

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MTL mix

A tour of Montreal’s music scene that begins on Electric Boulevard and makes stops at the Valley of Wailing Guitars, Pop Crossing, and the Alternative District before concluding in a secret location of stunning beauty. Call us to book now! Listen here Side A: 1. “Retired” – Le Matos –(Unreleased) 2. “Alive Again” – Champion […]

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