Category: Land Use

Ski Hill Project Inspiration

I feel my inspiration has come full circle, as I was telling someone about my Out-of-Season Skill Hill project and they went “have you seen Chris Snow’s work?” Snow happens to be a fellow photo student at Concordia, and as I think back, I remember seeing his beautiful large-scale prints of what I now remember […]

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Repercussions of Canada’s 2012 Federal Budget

In a move away from the ideals of slow journalism (which allows for more accurate gaining of insight), the new Federal budget – highlights of which can be viewed via the Calgary Herald – has reduced timelines of environmental reviews required of major resource projects. “Currently, major resource projects can take as long six years […]

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Out of Season: Ski hills

The project I’ve been planning since roughly this time last year has been my jumping-off point for the Out of Season projects. I want to photograph ski hills in the off-season: rusting chairs hanging over green lanes. It’s a collaboration of my interest in ski culture and my interest in land use and how seasonal […]

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This image came up in class, and I find it to be such a beautiful juxtaposition. Here we have a farm of wind turbines, generating and storing power that we have come to associate with “green.” This metaphorical colour is reflected physically in the grass of the golf course, but we can see by the […]

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Tar Sands

In an effort to remain unbiased, I have posted videos and news clips posted by news affiliates, filmmakers, environmental groups and the industry alike. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

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SPOIL trailer

This is near where I spent my summers and Christmases as a child; where my mother, aunts, uncles and grandparents grew up. It is home to a species of bear unique to the region as well as some of our most important salmon resources, which are already in danger from over-fishing. It continues to boggle […]

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