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Born to be Wild

Tonight I spread my wings with an international all-women biker group called Women in the Wind. The Saskatoon chapter, Bridge City Thunder, meets every Tuesday in riding season for jaunts to nearby towns. I’m still in awe at what an amazing ride that was. My mom’s neighbour, Winnie, was the one who told me about […]

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Voyage to Grey Owl’s Cabin

Upon hearing of my wrongful dismissal, my good pal Mickey blazed himself a trail up into the North that for a few weeks was my home. Some people are dreamers, some are passively accepting of how things are, and some, well they create their own adventure. Mickey’s the latter; a do-er, if you will. Having […]

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Grey Owl: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

There’s a lot of rumour and scandal surrounding the story of Grey Owl, beginning with an article that ran in the Toronto Star the day after his death. The article proclaimed that Grey Owl was a white man, and within days it had become international news. The man who had been a legend throughout the […]

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That’s It, That’s All

This morning when the boss man arrived, he asked to see me up at the cabin. I assumed it was regarding the hot water heater, since he’s trying to get it functioning, but when we got there he pulled out a chair at the kitchen table. In previous chats with me, I got the impression […]

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The Lone Wolf

June 2, 2011 @ 23:17 I just heard the howls of a wolf pack. Cool! My brethren, they are out. I’ve always felt that the wolf is my spirit animal. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to go on a spirit quest in the desert on peyote, but my step mom […]

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Herbert The Dragonfly

Yesterday while picking garbage up off the shore, I noticed an injured dragonfly laying just in harms way near the canoes. His wings were badly twisted and mangled and I later observed a severed leg that he kept using to try and prop his wings up. His thorax may have been broken as well, poor […]

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The Hanging Hearts

We have three marinas, one of which is primarily operated by Ron and I still have yet to see it. The main marina is where I live, and the Hanging Hearts marina is located just a bit further, on a completely different lake system. As such, the weather can be drastically different for such a […]

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