About me

Born in the Canadian prairies and raised both there and in the mountains, Shannon has lived and worked in France, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and from a ship in the Caribbean. Guided by a deep interest in humanity, combined with a desire to travel the world, she turned her attention to Anthropology in order to enhance her photographic practice. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, with a Photography minor at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. Her work is augmented by a diploma in the Fine Arts from UBCO that provided formal and historic training.

Shannon’s favourite style to shoot is documentary, capturing the immensely rich myriad of life as it unfolds itself to her, with a special penchant for subjects involving motorcycles and music, where sound guides expression of the visual. Experimenting with various photographic practices and honing her skill, Shannon has worked independently as a photographer for over seventeen years.

Shannon is currently re-immersing herself in Canadian life after a 10-month adventure across South East Asia.